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Why Rails is still relevant for startups in 2021

November 08, 2021

Why Rails is still relevant for startups in 2021

With the rise of single page JavaScript apps, lo-code, and mobile-first, is Rails consigned to the legacy dustbin of frameworks last cool in 2008? The answer is emphatically “no” - Rails is as relevant as ever for startups in 2021. Chris will talk about how Rails has supercharged the early stage of his new startup, LollipopAI, and how Rails gave them quick experiments, good-enough domain modelling and tooling that just works.


November 08, 2021

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  1. Lollipop A new way to shop “It went super smoothly

    and saved me time and headspace when I had literally none to spare” “I've been trialling Lollipop + absolutely love it. My biggest gripe in life is meal planning” “Had to self-isolate this week. Lollipop was a life-saver… Keep doing what you’re doing. 😊🥳” “Lightning fast shop for me this morning…” “Update: Our 11 month old couldn’t get enough of this for dinner tonight” “Just done my 2nd Lollipop shop in record time…”
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