Xamarin For Everyone

Xamarin For Everyone

Presentation given to the Nashville Mobile .NET Developers group


Chris Riesgo

April 19, 2016


  1. April 2016 Nashville Mobile .NET Developers

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  3. News • Xamarin Evolve - April 24-28 ◦ ONLY 5

    DAYS AWAY!! ◦ Training: Sunday 24th (registration) - Tuesday 26th ◦ Conference: Tuesday 26th (registration) - Thursday 28th • And then of course...
  4. Xamarin For Everyone

  5. Chris Riesgo Mobile Architect | LeanKit Organizer | Nashville Mobile

    .NET Developers @chrisriesgo | chrisriesgo.com Xamarin MVP Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer
  6. Xamarin For Everyone What does it mean?

  7. Xamarin For Everyone • Xamarin included in Visual Studio at

    no extra cost ◦ Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition - free for everyone (Windows) ◦ Xamarin Studio Community Edition - free for everyone (Mac) ◦ Visual Studio 2015 (MSDN or obtained separately) ◦ Use Visual Studio Tools (Resharper and Team Foundation Server) ◦ No app size limit
  8. Xamarin For Everyone • New home for the Mono Project

    ◦ Mono contributed to the .NET Foundation ◦ Mono re-released under the MIT license ◦ Clarified rights to Mono under Microsoft patents. More on the Mono Project blog. ◦ .NET and C# on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows as well as PS4, Xbox One, and beyond
  9. Xamarin For Everyone • Xamarin SDK to be open sourced

    under the MIT license ◦ Native API bindings ◦ Command line tools ◦ Popular cross-platform native UI toolkit - Xamarin.Forms
  10. Xamarin For Everyone How is Xamarin’s mobile platform unique?

  11. How is Xamarin’s mobile platform unique? • Apps built on

    .NET with C# or F# • Native app binaries, not interpreted ◦ iOS - Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compiled to native ARM assembly ◦ Android - Just-in-Time (JIT) compiled to native assembly on app start • 100% API coverage across iOS, Android and Windows • Support for all new releases from Apple and Google
  12. Xamarin For Everyone | Setup • System Requirements + Installation

    and Setup
  13. Xamarin For Everyone | Reference Applications Prebuilt Apps • Xamarin.iOS

    • Xamarin.Android • Xamarin.Forms • Platform-specific features
  14. Xamarin For Everyone | Community • Frequently Asked Questions •

    Xamarin Forums • Slack | Xamarin Chat • Xamarin Evolve 2014 videos • Podcasts ◦ Xamarin Podcast ◦ Gone Mobile
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