Progressive Web Apps Update 2019: Web Goes Native

Progressive Web Apps Update 2019: Web Goes Native

For sure, PWA is one of the hottest topics in Web space today. Progressive Web Apps are cross-platform, support browsers, desktop and mobile platforms—a perfect match for your business application. A PWA should feel like a real app we are used to since years: users want an icon on the home screen as well was native-like performance and feature richness. Christian Liebel, author of “Progressive Web Apps: Das Praxisbuch” and consultant at Thinktecture, shows you how to develop your first PWA, implement offline availability using service workers and send push notifications even when your app is closed. In addition, Christian brings you up to date on modern web APIs and service worker enhancements that will further enhance PWA functionality. Come and bring your PWA questions with you!


Christian Liebel

March 13, 2019