FIBO,, and SEO: Enterprise Data World 2016 Presentation

B86667a9d70f9588bd5b6cfee12de3b3?s=47 Christopher Regan
April 20, 2016

FIBO,, and SEO: Enterprise Data World 2016 Presentation

EDW 2016 FIBO extension by Chris Regan and Richard Wallis debuting the new world wide web version of EDMC’s FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology), and in the process of approval* within the W3C Community Group, and the steering group behind the vocabulary. The correlation among FIBO,, and SEO were also discussed.


Christopher Regan

April 20, 2016


  1. Christopher Regan Richard Wallis


  3. Data Liberate – Richard Wallis Independent Consultant, Evangelist & Founder

    Data Liberate Working With: • Google – vocabulary, site, extensions and documentation • OCLC - Global library cooperative • FIBO – Financial Industry Business Ontology W3C Community Groups • Schema Bib Extend (Chair) • for bibliographic data • • Schema Architypes (Chair) • Financial Industry Business Ontology – • Tourism Structured Web Data (Co-Chair) • Schema Course Extension
  4. Caliber Media Group – Chris Regan Executive Director, Digital Caliber

    Media Group Christopher Regan assists with the EDMC’s FIBO extension for its initiative. His work within the field of web meta-data began in 1995, with the Dublin Core Initiative, and he has since worked within multiple industries including the financial industry, for clients such as American Express, Citibank, Chase, Goldman Sachs, Brown & Brown, Bank of the West, and Banc of California. Chris is a co- founding member of the W3C’s FIBO, Tourism and Automotive structured data working groups, and he is the Executive Director of Caliber Media Group. Chris began working in digital marketing in 1994.
  5. Introducing 2 • 2011 • June

  6. Introducing • [Linked Data] Vocabulary • RDF (triples) •

    URIs / string values • Types / Properties / Enumerations • “Not strongly typed” – Range Includes / Domain Includes • Three serializations – Microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD • A web vocabulary to describe stuff!
  7. Family Tree of Linked Data <SGML>

  8. The Web Conceived • 1989• March Tim Berners-Lee

  9. Semantic Web Arrives • 2001 • MAY

  10. “A Linked Data Web” – Introducing Linked Data • 2009

  11. The Infamous Open Linked Data Cloud • Raw RDF •

    Many Vocabs • SPARQL Impressive! But Useful?
  12. Google Knowledge Graph 16 • 2012 May

  13. Google Knowledge Graph

  14. Related Intities in a Graph Bart Simpson Nancy Cartwright Dayton

    Ohio Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park Played By Born In Place of Interest
  15. Sources for the Graph - Knowledge Graph Knowledge Graph

  16. Sources for the Graph - Knowledge Graph Knowledge Graph Knowledge

    Panel Info Box Answer Box Rich Snippets
  17. Google Knowledge Graph – Google RankBrain “As you know, we've

    been living in a RankBrain world for some time in Google. Recently there has been some coverage on it around Google not fully understanding it, as well as RankBrain not impacting crawling or replacing links.”
  18. Sources for the Graph - Knowledge Graph • Data embedded

    in website html - Microdata / RDFa / JSON-LD • Harvested during normal web crawls • Under control of the [site] publisher Knowledge Graph
  19. Motivation – Why Bother?

  20. Motivation

  21. How to make work for you A story from

    the library • Librarians … – Really understand their domain and their data – Good at cooperation • Early – Useful but not good enough • Form a W3C Community Group – Schema Bib Extend • Identified public data sharing use cases – Knowledge Graph • What can't you do with Schema as it is? • Fill in the gaps • Create real examples • Proposed enhancements to core vocabulary • Proposed more focused extension – • A few iterations – 2 years
  22. How to make work for you • Automotive –

    W3C Automotive Ontology Community Group – Some minor enhancements to Vehicle – extension • Medical – Early large addition to core vocabulary – Moving much of it to a extension • Sports / News / TV & Radio – General additions to core vocabulary
  23. Finance (FIBO) Proposal for Core Proposed New Types: •

    MonetaryAmount • FinancialProduct • BankAccount • DepositAccount • LoanOrCredit • PaymntCard • InvestmentOrDeposit • PaymentService • CurrencyConversionService
  24. Finance (FIBO) Proposal for Core

  25. FIBO & Today – Current Status • Core Proposals

    – General enhancement for – Foundation for FIBO extension – Targeted for 2.3 – March/April 2016 • (1.0) – Financial/Banking focused extension – Next release (2-3 months) – Initial focus: BrokerageAccount, InvestmentFund, MortgageLoan, RepaymentSpecification, ExchangeRateSpecification, BankTransfer, … – Future enhancements • External Extension – – Within industry extension terms
  26. FIBO & • – de facto web vocabulary

    – 12+ million domains – 30% of pages – What the search Engines are asking for! • Finance / Banking [was] poorly represented • FIBO initiatives ensuring visibility • Enabling practical application • FIBO core proposals + – Integral to the Knowledge Graphs – Core to the new [direct access] web – Marketing directly to where the users are
  27. Wikipedia

  28. BNP Paribas

  29. FreeBase

  30. Wikidata

  31. Live Examples Banc of California Bank of the West Banc

    Home Loans Cita Insurane NuVision Community Bank And, more…
  32. The Launch of a Global Consortium Focused expertise and experience

    making the Financial Industry visible in the Structured Web Data World of Knowledge Graphs… Caliber Media Group North America Christopher Regan Data Liberate Great Britain Richard Wallis MakoLab Europe Mirek Sopek