Better Living Through Empathy at Monktoberfest 2018

Better Living Through Empathy at Monktoberfest 2018

Have you ever been at a dinner where the person next to you leaned forward in their chair so that their shoulder blocked the person next to them, excluding that person from joining into the conversation? Or visited a website to learn more about a company, only to end up frustrated, unable to figure out what the heck they do? Or maybe an important email landed in your inbox but was so long and complicated that you got that “I’m going to have to set this aside for later” feeling?

In this 2018 talk at RedMonk's Monktoberfest conference, Claire Giordano explores how empathy is key in social settings, website design, email effectiveness, blog posts, customer stories, and marketing content. Claire connects empathy to the Jobs to Be Done framework, makes the case for how all good marketers have empathy, and outlines 5 techniques you can use every day to strengthen your empathy muscles, at work and in life.


Citus Data

October 05, 2018