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11 Most Amazing Facts About Mobile Apps Development

11 Most Amazing Facts About Mobile Apps Development

Since the advent of the smartphone, mobile apps are quickly taking over areas of life such as communication, entertainment, shopping, and more. For businesses, mobile app development is becoming a necessity to keep up with consumers' needs. Mobile application development is a very broad field; to help increase your awareness, here are 13 amazing facts about mobile app development.


Claritus Consulting

October 22, 2020


  1. 11 Most Amazing Facts About Mobile Apps Development

  2. Amazing facts about mobile app development 1) Tablet sales are

    expected to match computer sales within the next two years 2) Mobile apps are used more than websites With mobile app development taking precedence over websites for functionality, there’s less need for personal computers and an increasing need for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. A common assumption is that mobile applications are used less compared to websites. However, people actually spend 87% of their time on mobile apps, making mobile app development a must for businesses.
  3. Amazing facts about mobile app development 3) Mobile apps can

    be developed on multiple platforms 4) 74% of mobile app developers use two or more platforms at the same time Good app design in NZ is essential because there are different operating systems and different programming languages per platform. Developing mobile apps on multiple platforms is essential in gaining the widest potential audience and maximizing earning potential. In a 2011 research, it was shown that 80% of developers develop apps for Android, iOS or both. Developers that don’t develop mobile applications for at least one of the two major platforms generally have half the revenue of those that do.
  4. Amazing facts about mobile app development 5) iOS is the

    platform most developers use first 6) iOS is a superior competitor to Android 42% of developers choose iOS as a mobile app development platform, while 31% choose Android. Across all competitive points except for cost and how easy it is to learn as a development platform, iOS has more advantage over Android.
  5. Amazing facts about mobile app development 7) Android is the

    most bought mobile operating system in the world 8) Advertising is the most popular source of revenue for apps In 2012, 70% of smartphone sales had Android operating systems. In app advertising, revenue is expected to reach $16.9 billion dollars by 2018. 38% of mobile developers use ad revenue, while in-app purchases are used by 37% of developers as revenue.
  6. Amazing facts about mobile app development 9) 63% of millennials

    preferred to make purchases on mobile apps 10) There are 5 million apps available to download However, 21% of millennials would be turned off from a business they had a poor app experience with, and 31% would not recommend the business to others. Good mobile app design is important in establishing a good brand. There’s a wide range of mobile applications available, with 2.2 million on Google Play, 2 million on the Apple App Store, and 0.7 million in Windows. Good app design in NZ is essential in making your application stand out.
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