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JavaScript × Mathematics go to Digital Art

November 19, 2022

JavaScript × Mathematics go to Digital Art


November 19, 2022

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  1. JavaScript × Mathematics go to Digital Art 19 Nov, 2022

    Front-end Conference Okinawa @kkeeth @kuwahara_jsri @kkeeth
  2. Introductory Remark2 💁 This slide is written in English. However,

    I’m still learning English, and there may be some inappropriate expressions. So, please give me MASAKARI for my expressions 👍
  3. References P5.js Tutorial | Create a generative art using image

    data • https://youtu.be/me04ZrTJqWA p5.js Get Started • https://p5js.org/get-started/ δΣωϥςΟϒɾΞʔτɹProcessingʹΑΔ࣮ફΨΠυ • https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4861009634 Pinterst Search(generativeart) • https://onl.tw/2bhH4ZD Openprocessing • https://openprocessing.org/user/299354?o=13&view=sketches