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Skills that employers recommend students to acquire

October 16, 2022

Skills that employers recommend students to acquire


October 16, 2022

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  1. Skills that employers recommend students to acquire Oct 16, 2022

    Geek Festival 2022 Autumn @kkeeth @kuwahara_jsri @kkeeth
  2. 🙇 Sorry … 🙇 1. This slide is made in

    English. But I’m unfamiliar using English. Therefore, there may be grammatical errors. 2. This slide is made using the “Takahashi method”, so there is a lot of text.
  3. My History of Recruitment 2017 Joined YUMEMI 2019 referral adoption:

    5 (2 of them directly) talked at study group 32 casual interview 20 2020 Challenge Board of Directors Active participation in various recruitment events 2021 Engaged in recruiting coding checks, casual interviews, First round of interviews, …etc
  4. Are there any skills that students should acquire? Is there

    anything I should do as a student? Do you have any book recommendations?
  5. This is just my personal opinion, so please refer to

    it. Please make your own decision 💁
  6. What to develop (In the case of a hackathon) When

    and how far to go Who will do which task How to schedule meetings Code review Deployment and working checks Task management
  7. Coding Check Points • Is the granularity of git commit

    appropriate? • Is the commit message formatted (prefix used)? • Is there proper component/class/function separation? • Are linters and formatter installed? • Maintenance of a well-developed README • Does it follow the officially recommended style guide for coding? …etc
  8. 🙇 Sorry … 🙇 I didn't know because I've never

    experienced native app development...! Please look forward to the future Kuwabara-san(?)
  9. Before I introduce you, let me say a few words…

    This is too difficult question....