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Playing Ionic Logo by p5.js

October 16, 2022

Playing Ionic Logo by p5.js


October 16, 2022

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  1. Playing Ionic Logo by p5.js 16 Oct, 2022 Ionic Meetup

    #23 Tokyo @kkeeth @kuwahara_jsri @kkeeth
  2. Who am I const my_info = { Name: ‘Kuwahara KEETH

    Kiyohito’, Company: ‘Yumemi Inc’, Position: ‘Technical Evangelist’, Skills: ‘Riot.js/Next.js/p5.js’, }
  3. 🙇 Sorry … 🙇 1. This slide is written in

    English. However, I’m still learning English, and there may be some inappropriate expressions. 2. The word “Ionic” appears a lot in today's my talk, but there is NO discussion of implementation using “Ionic”.
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