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"Integrate SiriKit into your application" by Alexander Shapkin

"Integrate SiriKit into your application" by Alexander Shapkin

SiriKit — technology with a great potential. We'll talk about what it is, how it integrates with your application, what you can do using SiriKit and what limitations it has. We will also take a look at a totally new kind of User Interface that SiriKit brings into your application. In the end of the session we will discuss how to design your application with a great Siri experience.
This talk was made for CocoaHeads Kyiv #10 which took place 10 Dec 2016.


CocoaHeads Ukraine

December 27, 2016

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  1. Integrate SiriKit into your application Alexandr Shapkin Software Engineer at

    ZeoAlliance CocoaHeads Kyiv #10
  2. “Hey Siri, do some staff using MyApp”

  3. None
  4. + + iOS 10 + macOS 10.12*

  5. PayPall send money Your stuff

  6. Application Intents. framework IntentsUI. framework Intents Extension IntentsUI Extension

  7. Preparing to Adopt SiriKit Embedded Frameworks MI

  8. Preparing to Adopt SiriKit Conversational Interface

  9. Adding SiriKit

  10. Adding SiriKit

  11. Understanding SiriKit Domains: 8 VoIP calling Messaging Payments Photo Workouts

    Ride booking CarPlay Restaurant reservations Intents: 30 INRequestPaymentIntent INSendPaymentIntent INSearchForMessagesIntent INSendMessageIntent INSetMessageAttributeIntent
  12. Speech Intent Action Response Vocabulary App Logic User Interface “Hey

    Siri, send a FlashChat message to Agggrrr” What do you want to say to Agggrrr? “Great job bro, I’ll call you tomorrow” Domain: Messages Intent: sendMessage Recipient: Agggrrr Content: Great job bro, I’ll call you tomorrow
  13. Understanding SiriKit Intents Extension Resolve Confirm Handle Intents UI Extension

    User Interface App Vocabulary INSendPaymentIntent var payee: INPerson? var currencyAmount: INCurrencyAmount? var note: String?
  14. Q&A?