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"Integrate SiriKit into your application" by Alexander Shapkin

"Integrate SiriKit into your application" by Alexander Shapkin

SiriKit — technology with a great potential. We'll talk about what it is, how it integrates with your application, what you can do using SiriKit and what limitations it has. We will also take a look at a totally new kind of User Interface that SiriKit brings into your application. In the end of the session we will discuss how to design your application with a great Siri experience.
This talk was made for CocoaHeads Kyiv #10 which took place 10 Dec 2016.

CocoaHeads Ukraine

December 27, 2016

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    Ride booking CarPlay Restaurant reservations Intents: 30 INRequestPaymentIntent INSendPaymentIntent INSearchForMessagesIntent INSendMessageIntent INSetMessageAttributeIntent
  2. Speech Intent Action Response Vocabulary App Logic User Interface “Hey

    Siri, send a FlashChat message to Agggrrr” What do you want to say to Agggrrr? “Great job bro, I’ll call you tomorrow” Domain: Messages Intent: sendMessage Recipient: Agggrrr Content: Great job bro, I’ll call you tomorrow
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