AngularJS Fundamentals

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February 10, 2016

AngularJS Fundamentals

slides for talk about how to get started with angularjs and some of its basic features.



February 10, 2016


  1. AngularJS Fundamentals By Najam sikander

  2. Najam Sikander Twitter @najamsikander Blog

  3. Transclusion Restriction Scope Directive Linking

  4. Agenda • AngularJS Features • Getting Started • Directives ,

    Filters and Data Binding • Views , Controllers and Scope • Modules , Routes and Factories
  5. Getting Started

  6. Single Page Application (SPA) View View View View View

  7. The Challenge with SPAs DOM Manipulation History Module Loading Routing

    Catching Object Modeling Data Binding Ajax/Promises View Loading
  8. Data Binding MVC Routing Testing jqLite Templates History Factories ngularJs

    is a full-featured SPA framework ViewModel Controllers Views Directives Services Dependency Injection Validation
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  12. Directives, Filters and Data Binding

  13. What are Directives ? They teach HTML new tricks!

  14. Using Directives and Data Binding Syntax Directive Directive Data Binding

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  17. Iterating with the ng-repeat directive

  18. Iterating with the ng-repeat directive(browse)

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  20. The AngulaJS API Reference for Directives

  21. ngRepeat Documentation

  22. Using Filters

  23. Using Filters Demo

  24. Views, Controllers and Scope

  25. Views, Controllers and Scope View Scope Controllers $scope is a

    “glue” (ViewModel) Between a controller and a view
  26. Creating a View And Controller

  27. Creating a View And Controller $scope injected Dynamically

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  29. Modules ,Routes and factories

  30. Modules Config Routes View $Scope Controllers Directives *Factories

  31. Module are Container Module Module Config Routes Filter Directive Controller

    Controller Factory Service Provider Value
  32. Creating a Module What’s the Array for

  33. Creating a Module What’s the Array for Module that demo

    app depend on
  34. Creating a Controller in a Module Define a module Define

    a Controller
  35. Role of Routes /view1 /view4 /view2 /view3 View4 View1 View3

  36. Defining Routes Defining module routes

  37. Defining Routes Demo

  38. View 1

  39. View 2

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  42. Using Factories and Services Module Module Config Routes Filter Directive

    Controller Factory Service Provider Value
  43. The Role of Factories Factories injected into controller at runtime

  44. Factory Demo

  45. Najam Sikander Twitter @najamsikandar Blog