Model the Message: Holistic Content Modeling

A5783e903eb1f79dedce544c1f20fb2c?s=47 Devin Asaro
June 09, 2017

Model the Message: Holistic Content Modeling

Content models are the technical and structural expression of content strategy, so it only makes sense that they would typically fall toward the end of a project. But too often, we lose the message and core principles of our content strategy as we transition into the complex, often tedious work of content modeling.

In this talk, we will discuss an approach to content modeling that begins at the earliest stages of your project, and grows as each layer of content strategy is applied—making sure no part of your core strategy gets left behind in design.

In this session, you’ll learn:
How content modeling can add precision and clarity to every stage of your content strategy project
How to use deliverables like content audits and messaging guides to gradually build a content model that grows with your strategy
How to use collaborative techniques to reduce the complexity of gathering and incorporating stakeholder feedback
Most importantly: Why content modeling isn’t as hard as it seems (and how it can actually be fun)


Devin Asaro

June 09, 2017