Metrics, beyond “it depends”

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September 22, 2018

Metrics, beyond “it depends”

If you ask people for good DevOps and agile metrics, they tell you “it depends.” Few people want to get pinned down on metrics it seems. Well, they might be right, of course, it does depend. But, you still need a framework for de-it-dependsing yourself: how do you figure which metrics to pay attention to? This talk will go over thinking through that model and suggest a few metrics for IT performance to more product-centric, business focused metrics. All based on what organizations are actually doing. Well, all except for the part where I just make things up because they sound good.

This is based on my work-in-progress book on DevOps-y, agile, etc organizational change. In particular, [the chapter on metrics]( See [the listing in]( as well.



September 22, 2018