Sweet Elixir - Short

Sweet Elixir - Short

Around 60% of telecom passes through Erlang. Facebook uses it and RabbitMQ is built on it. It’s fast, concurrent, distributed, but its Prolog-inspired syntax leaves much to be desired. Ruby is beautiful and powerful, but struggles at scale and treats concurrency as a second class citizen. Elixir - a young, functional, meta programming language - aims to resolve this mighty conflict by providing a rosy syntax inspired by Ruby that compiles to Erlang VM compatible bytecode.
Together we’ll take a guided tour of Elixir basics and functional programming concepts like pattern matching, pipelines and tail-call recursion. From there we’ll explore the distributed and concurrent nature of Elixir, the fault tolerant features of OTP, and ways you can leverage Elixir in your existing architectures today.

Whether you roll with a Mac, Windows or Linux everyone will leave an Elixir programmer.


Ryan Cromwell

May 31, 2014