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Professional Scrum with Visual Studio 2012

Professional Scrum with Visual Studio 2012

Agile is where teams and organizations want to be and Scrum is a tool to help get you there. Microsoft uses Scrum, and many more are adopting Scrum to improve their ability to deliver innovative software. Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 continue the focus of enabling Agile teams. In this session you’ll see how you can adopt Scrum with the now default Scrum process template and streamlined Agile planning tools. We will create and groom our Product Backlog, look at support for multiple teams, create forecasts, and execute a Sprint.


Ryan Cromwell

July 18, 2013

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  1. Professional Scrum Developer with Visual Studio 2012

  2. Who am I? Ryan Cromwell • Coder • Agile Coach

    • Scrum.org Trainer • Microsoft ALM MVP
  3. Session Forecast • Agile & Scrum Foundations • Visual Studio

    Scrum 2.0 • Product Backlog Grooming • The Sprint • Improving
  4. AGILE Manifesto for Agile Software Development

  5. AgileManifesto.org Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software

    over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.
  6. Agile Frameworks & Methodologies • Scrum • Extreme Programming (XP)

    • Lean • Kanban Method • Feature Driven Development (FDD) • Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) • more…
  7. The CHAOS Manifesto · Standish Group 2011 Successful 42% Challenged

    49% Failed 9% Agile Successful 14% Challenged 57% Failed 29% Traditional http://releasecadencereport.com/
  8. SCRUM Framework for solving complex problems

  9. VersionOne: State of Agile 2011 Survey

  10. Scrum History • Scrum, 1995 • Extreme Programming, 1996 •

    Agile Manifesto, 2001 • Certified Scrum Master, 2002 • Scrum.org, 2009 • New New Product Development Game, 1986
  11. Scrum Framework 1. A Team forecasts delivering working software in

    30 days or less 2. A time is scheduled to show that software 3. The Team creates the software 4. The Team offers their work for inspection and adapts the plan for the next cycle
  12. Scrum Team Product Owner Development Team Scrum Master Service Leadership

  13. Scrum Events Sprint Sprint Planning Daily Scrum Sprint Review Sprint

  14. Scrum Artifacts Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Increment

  15. Gauge Your Knowledge • Open Assessment – Free, 30 questions

    • PSD Open – Developers, Free, 30 questions • Official Scrum Guide – quick read, 17 pages • Courses, Webcasts, Community • http://scrum.org

  17. What a long way we’ve come • 2010 · Gallery

    Extension • 2012 · Default Template
  18. Scrum in Visual Studio TFS Scrum Concept Visual Studio Scrum

    Scrum Team Team Definition of Done Wiki entry or document on the portal Product Team Project Product Backlog Product Backlog team query Product Backlog Item Product Backlog Item work item Acceptance Criteria Acceptance Criteria field and (optionally) associated Test Case work items Release Iteration Path (high level) Release Goal Wiki entry or document on the portal Release Capacity Wiki entry or document on the portal Sprint Iteration Path (low level) Sprint Dates Start Date and Finish Date fields Sprint Goal Wiki entry or document on the portal Sprint Capacity Wiki entry or document on the portal Sprint Backlog Sprint Backlog team query Task Task work item Burndown and Velocity Release Burndown, Sprint Burndown, and Velocity reports Impediment Impediment work item Bug Bug work item Retrospective Retrospective field in the Sprint work item
  19. Sample Product Backlog ID Title Description Area Value Effort Priority

    1 Facebook Login Allow users to login … Admin 45 5 2 2 Wish List Add products to a … Catalog 55 13 5 3 ‘Like’ Products ‘Like’ products I’ve … Marketing 20 3 3 4 Estimated Shipping Show estimated … Cart 80 5 4 5 Product Suggestions Recommend new … Catalog 30 3 1 Anyone can add these Product Owner lives and breaths this Development Team provides estimates Product Owner determines this
  20. Your TFS Backlog • Product Backlog • Quick Add •

    Grooming • Kanban • Sprint View • Capacity • Customizable • Drag and Drop
  21. Product Backlog Grooming • Scrum Team • Review, discuss, estimate

    PBIs • 10% of the Sprint Current Sprint Next Sprint Next, Next Sprint
  22. Professional Scrum Developer – Day 2 with Visual Studio 2012

  23. Recap of Day 1 • Scrum & Agile • Product

    Backlog Grooming • Sprint Planning
  24. Sprint Planning Activities • Configure Release and Sprint Iterations with

    dates • Update Current Sprint Queries (tip: http://bit.ly/J7eHHY) • Drag PBIs to Sprint • Drag PBIs to Committed
  25. In Sprint Taskboard • Drag and Drop • Daily Scrum

    • Update remaining work • Take ownership
  26. Self Organizing Teams • Team Dimension • Areas, Iterations •

    Backlog, Board, Estimates
  27. Big Visible Charts • Customizable per Team • Builds •

    Queries • Source Changes • Capacity • Burndown
  28. My Work • Active Work • Code Reviews • Feedback

    Requests • Suspend & Resume (Shelvesets made useful)
  29. Sprint Review • Demo • Feedback • Collaborate

  30. Getting Empirical • Review Process • Expand “Definition of Done”

    • Experiments • Measure (WI, Builds, Source, Deployments, Energy, etc)
  31. How we can help Consulting • On-premise 2012 Deployment •

    Blend Cloud / On-premise TFS • ALM Guidance Training Professional Scrum Developer Professional Scrum Developer

  33. Thank You! ryan.cromwell@appliedis.com http://appliedis.com @cromwellryan http://cromwellhaus.com