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Ten Top Tips for Tidier Type

Harry Roberts
October 25, 2013

Ten Top Tips for Tidier Type

Ten Top Tips for Tidier Type at #TIDE, Scarborough. October 2013.

Harry Roberts

October 25, 2013

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  1. Do not Set serif faces small enough that they lose

    clarity. Change the browser’s default size without good cause. Pick a face unsuitable for screen viewing.
  2. Do Choose a face with wide counters and bowls. Keep

    an eye on serifs. Set type at a comfortable size for prolonged reading.
  3. /** * 1. Makes my maths a little easier. */

    html { font-size: 100%; line-height: 1.5; /* [1] */ }
  4. As the measure alters, so should the line height. Prevent

    the eye making awkward ‘jumps’.
  5. -

  6. Do Learn the di erences and uses for each type

    of dash. Consider the face when choosing which to use.
  7. ''

  8. ""

  9. A more attractive appearance is achieved by using single quotation

    marks for the more frequently occurring quotations, and the double version for the less frequent occurrence of quotations within quotations. —Jost Hochuli
  10. Do Hang punctuation into the margin where you can. Otherwise

    hang it relative to the body of text.