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Getting Things Done: Discovering Efficiencies in Workflow

Getting Things Done: Discovering Efficiencies in Workflow

Presented at Code4libBC 2016.
How does work move through your organization? Does the order make sense? How many times is it passed on? How many people is it handled by? Do all the steps still need to done in the current work environment? This presentation provides some suggestions on methods to understand and analyze workflow using technical services as an example, but which can be applied in other areas.

Cynthia "Arty" Ng

December 01, 2016

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  1. QUESTIONS TO ASK Does the order make sense? Which steps

    are exible in the order? Conditional upon other steps being completed? Can speci c steps be done more ef ciently? How many people are involved? Can it be reduced? Is the most suitable person doing each step? Is the process consistent? Consistent with other departments?