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Guide to winning a hackathon

Cyrus Stoller
September 28, 2012

Guide to winning a hackathon

Cyrus Stoller

September 28, 2012

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  1. National Winner – Summer 2012 Boston • New York •

    Seattle • Silicon Valley 900+ Attendees • 250+ Teams GiveGo
  2. <ul class="reasons"> <li class="good"> To win </li> <li class="good" id="hackinghealth">

    Hack for fun </li> <li class="good" id="angelhack"> Stress test relationships </li> <li class="bad"> Build a company </li> </ul>
  3. Picking your idea Is this a real problem? Is this

    the right hackathon? Does everyone agree?
  4. Front Page of HN 120+ sign ups on Launch Rock

    Deployed on Heroku Stylized pages for our demo Polished screencast Well-practiced pitch
  5. Did you want to kill each other? Did you disagree

    well? Would you want to hire your teammates? Would they want to hire you? Are you happy with what you built? Can you agree on your next steps?