Unions Got This - #YouGotThisConf 2020

Unions Got This - #YouGotThisConf 2020

Unions don’t usually come up in history class. If they do, they’re normally accompanied by talk of miners and Thatcherism. But we’re not taught what unions actually do for the modern, nine-to-five worker. That’s where this talk comes in.

This will be a whistle-stop tour of what unionism means in today’s world of tech. We’ll briefly cover what a union is, the various shapes and sizes they take and what they can do for you, using the recently formed Game Workers Unite UK branch of the IWGB as an example.

We’ll also touch upon the happenings across the pond at Kickstarter and Vox Media as well as how the international movements of Game Workers Unite and the Tech Workers Coalition are bringing unionism into tech industries.


Dan C. Parkes

January 18, 2020