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Creating Woovi in a Week

Creating Woovi in a Week

How Woovi migrated from a SaaS focused on HR to an online Pix payment management platform, real-time, with e-commerce integrations, public API, and SDKs, among other features in one week.

Find out more about Woovi www.woovi.com

Danilo Assis

May 10, 2024

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  1. Overview How I got to Woovi Feedback House & Log.ID

    OpenPix -> Pivot Starter Plan First Issue Combining feature flag + project type Starter UI First Features Delivered Extract? Banks BaaS Stack Woovi Future End
  2. How I got to Woovi I want learn to learn

    Find people aligned with my goals I was looking for help with another challenge and found Sibelius I learned GraphQL, Relay and asked if there was a Junior job role I moved to SP and it was the best decision
  3. OpenPix Pix payment management platform Connected to your bank Creating

    a Pix charge Real-time payment reconciliation
  4. Starter Plan New brand Strong and related to Pix What

    is the most practical way to try it?
  5. First Issue Split the products New UI New landing page

    New dashboard Use what we already have
  6. Feature Flags + UI Nova feature flag OPENPIX Novo tema

    UI verde (cor da época) Novo campo na empresa (tenant da plataforma) que indica o tipo do projeto
  7. Banks Institutions vs Bank as a service High cost of

    get in to the platform Harder access to the Pix API On average, it takes 7-15 days to activate an account on the platform