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LGM 2013: Fonts of DOOM

LGM 2013: Fonts of DOOM

Real time collaboration in FontForge, by Dave Crossland and Ben Martin

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DOOM was released 20 years ago and instantly became one of the most important and influential computer games of all time. This was not only thanks to its breakthrough graphics but also its multiplayer network game mode. Since then many games have offered a mode where game-world state is shared across the network in real-time, and some of the most compelling gameplay involves players cooperating in teams.

Real time collaboration frees designers from having to shuffle data from person to person when working together, such as with distributed version control systems. VCS are excellent for slow paced development over the Internet, but become cumbersome in a fast-paced face-to-face studio environment. Yet unlike games, most graphics applications (free and proprietary) lack such features.

We demonstrated a new feature in FontForge for real time collaboration, and explained at a high level how it works.


Dave Crossland

April 10, 2013


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