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Insecurities of a frontender

Insecurities of a frontender

We all feel a little bit insecure sometimes, but as a front end developer that happens more than you think. I talk about why that happens and how we can avoid that feeling.

Dave Redfern

March 02, 2016

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  1. @daveredfern @daveredfern @staffsWebMeetup Insecurities of a frontender

  2. @daveredfern

  3. @daveredfern Web Designer UI Designer Front End Developer Something else…

    What am I?
  4. @daveredfern

  5. @daveredfern

  6. @daveredfern @daveredfern @staffsWebMeetup Insecurities of a frontender

  7. @daveredfern Belongingness is the human emotional need to be an

    accepted member of a group. What is belongingness?
  8. @daveredfern Primary Secondary Reference Belongingness falls into three categories

  9. @daveredfern Small clusters of people who share intimate and personal

    relationships. Primary Groups
  10. @daveredfern

  11. @daveredfern

  12. @daveredfern

  13. @daveredfern Large clusters of people who have a mutually shared

    purpose. Secondary Groups
  14. @daveredfern

  15. @daveredfern

  16. @daveredfern Groups we compare ourselves to for the purpose of

    evaluating our behavior. Reference Groups
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  21. @daveredfern Working class Choose a class Middle class

  22. @daveredfern Working class Choose a class Middle class

  23. @daveredfern Working class Choose a class Middle class

  24. @daveredfern Geek Are you a geek?

  25. @daveredfern Designer Which are you? Developer

  26. @daveredfern Designer Which are you? Developer

  27. @daveredfern Designer Which are you? Developer

  28. @daveredfern

  29. @daveredfern All code is not equal

  30. @daveredfern If front end development was a brand. We’d be

    having a brand crisis.
  31. @daveredfern Front End Developer UI Developer Client-Side Developer UI Engineer

    Who are we?
  32. @daveredfern Design Engineer Front End Architect Designer / Developer Prototyper

    Who are we?
  33. @daveredfern

  34. @daveredfern Understand UX principles and best practices Keen eye for

    aesthetics Can write some JavaScript Understand the importance of backend development What is our role?
  35. @daveredfern Designer What is a frontender? Developer

  36. @daveredfern Designer What is a frontender? Developer

  37. @daveredfern Designer Developer

  38. @daveredfern Designer Developer Designer

  39. @daveredfern Designer Developer Back End Developer

  40. @daveredfern Designer Developer WordPress Developer

  41. @daveredfern Designer Developer Front End Developer

  42. @daveredfern Designer Developer Generalist

  43. @daveredfern Versatilist Someone who can be a specialist for a

    particular discipline, while at the same time be able to change to another role with the same ease.
  44. @daveredfern “A UI Engineer’s ultimate goal is to create great

    customer experiences, just like our designers. This is why they’re on the Design team.” Optimizely
  45. @daveredfern “Front End Dev is a melting pot of design

    & dev skills to implement accessible UIs to accepted standards.” FutureLearn
  46. @daveredfern “It’s important that we have generalists that can bleed

    across these lines. Up until a short while ago, we were not doing enough to foster the practice of design implementation.” Shopify
  47. @daveredfern

  48. @daveredfern “People who are skilled at frontend design are in

    a great position to help bridge the divide between the design and development worlds.” Brad Frost
  49. @daveredfern @daveredfern @staffsWebMeetup Thanks