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Getting Down To Earth: Geospatial Analysis With Rails

Getting Down To Earth: Geospatial Analysis With Rails

Presentation by Daniel Azuma from RailsConf 2012. Covers example implementations of geospatial projects in Ruby on Rails. For more info, see http://daniel-azuma.com/railsconf2012

Daniel Azuma

April 23, 2012

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  1. Daniel Azuma Rails Developer since 2006 Author of RGeo and

    related gems Chief Architect at Pirq
  2. Our agenda Setting up a geospatial Rails app Project 1:

    Visualizing geo-activity Project 2: Timezone lookup for a location Further material available online
  3. Geospatial software stack libgeos — geometric algorithms libproj — coordinate

    projections PostGIS — spatial plugin for PostgreSQL RGeo — Ruby libraries
  4. We installed some software We created a Rails app as

    usual But there were a few more configs …and that’s it!
  5. Project 1 summary We created a model to hold location

    data We loaded a bunch of data into it We queried data within a map rectangle We visualized the data using a heatmap
  6. “I don’t even see the code anymore. All I see

    is point, polygon, circle…”
  7. Project 2 summary We created timezone and polygon models We

    loaded data from a shapefile We wrote queries for polygons containing a point, and intersecting a buffer. We further optimized queries by subdividing polygons