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Crowdfunding (aka "We need resources")

This talk was delivered along my colleague Yorel Moreda to the URT project team members, in the University of Oviedo.

It's a quick introduction to the crowdfunding's model where we discussed its different "flavors", as well as their utility and the common mistakes people commit when applying them.


Daniel Carral

November 30, 2012

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  1. Crowdfunding aka "We need resources" Daniel Carral Diez Yorel Moreda

    Vázquez Escuela Politécnica de Mieres Universidad de Oviedo 30/11/2012
  2. Agenda - Background - What is it? - Kinds of

    crowdfunding - But..just crowdfunding - Is it so easy? - Real world - Some common mistakes - To sum it up... - + info
  3. Background "We have to think of new ways to unlock

    capital for the business that can address social challenges, while still protecting investors from bad investments" Anthony Bugg-Levine
  4. What is it? - A way to get support -"Family,

    Friends & Fools" - Money x People = Goal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdfunding
  5. Kinds of crowdfunding 1. Charitable donation-based 2. Debt-based 3. Rewards-based

    4. Equity-based 5. Subscription-based
  6. But... just crowdfunding?

  7. Is it so easy ? "The problem, of course, is

    that crowdfunded projects tend to stink and even the good ones are unlikely to be massive hits." Dan Seitz “Crowd Funding is not the goldmine of the Internet [...] It takes a huge heap of hard work, a lot of spamming, a realistic goal, and a very clear message. ” Timo Vuorensola
  8. Real world... .vs.

  9. Some common mistakes 1. Too many platforms 2. Lack of

    clarity 3. Unrealistic goals 4. You fail to ignite, engage and connect http://www.inc.com/erik-sherman/crowdfunding-4-critical-steps-to-success.html http://mashable.com/2012/05/25/crowdfunding-mistakes/
  10. To sum it up...

  11. + info Platforms: http://www.kickstarter.com/ http://www.indiegogo.com/ http://www.verkami.com/ Drop us a line!

  12. Thank you! ;) dan@dcarral.org yorelmv@iyore.es