Software on the road: The Journey

Software on the road: The Journey

A living repository provided as companion material to the talk can be found at

A recording from the delivery @ MixIt (April, 2018) can be found @

Talk abstract:

Have you wondered how would it be to quit your job, take a backpack, and be on the road 24/7?

Through a continuous stream of audiovisual material captured during his trip, Dani takes you into an inspiring journey visiting local communities, sharing good vibes & crafting software.

6 months and 13 countries later, and having hitch-hiked in the Albanian mountains, philosophized with a jewelry crafter in Mallorca, danced reggae in Jamaica and couchsurfed all over the place, he's back to share part of his adventures with us.

All in all, he just want to spread happiness around. Are you in?


Daniel Carral

April 19, 2018