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What is (not) Software Crafting?

Daniel Carral
September 07, 2017

What is (not) Software Crafting?

What do we mean by Software Craftsmanship? What not? How and why was it born? Why does it matter?

After answering all these questions and introducing concepts like deliberate practice and Open Space Technology, we explore the current status of Software Craftsmanship communities and events around Europe.

A compilation of software crafting-related resources mentioned during the talk can be found @ github.com/dcarral/software-crafting.

Daniel Carral

September 07, 2017

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  1. What is (not) Software Craftsmanship? Daniel Carral (@dcarral.org) Ruby User

    Group Berlin, 07/09/2017
  2. What is (not) Software Craftsmanship? Daniel Carral (@dcarral.org) Ruby User

    Group Berlin, 07/09/2017
  3. What is (not) Software Craftsmanship ? Daniel Carral (@dcarral.org) Ruby

    User Group Berlin, 07/09/2017 Crafting
  4. None
  5. Slides & resources: github.com/dcarral/software-crafting

  6. None
  7. Q: What is Software Crafting?

  8. None
  9. Q: Tobi, talk duration?

  10. A: “20 goal time, bis 30 geht aber meist. Aber

    ab 30 guck ich grimmig und gestikuliere :)”
  11. Three concepts

  12. 1.- Deliberate practice “Highly structured activity designed with the specific

    goal of improving performance.”
  13. Q: Ok, but practicing what?

  14. A: i.e.:

  15. Q: So, is Software Crafting rebranded XP?

  16. A: No

  17. 2.- Open Space Technology “One way to enable inspired meetings

    & events.”
  18. None
  19. None
  20. 3.- Apprenticeship “System of training a new generation of practitioners

    of a profession with on-the-job training and accompanying study.”
  21. Apprentice > Journey-level crafter > Master

  22. None
  23. What is Software Crafting?!

  24. A: It's not... Software Engineering

  25. A: It's not... Anti-agile

  26. A: It's not... (just) being professional

  27. A: It's not... (Just) writing crap (or not)

  28. It actually is...

  29. … a community of software professionals who: Care, practice, learn

    & share
  30. Software Crafting Community :-)

  31. None
  32. Lean coffees

  33. Code Katas Code Dojos

  34. Code Retreats

  35. + info @ coderetreat.org

  36. SoCraTes (un)conferences

  37. None
  38. Journey-level tours

  39. Talking about journeying... Corey Haines Daniel Temme Peter Kofler

  40. Q: Great. And now?

  41. Join the community. Raise the bar! slack.softwarecraftsmanship.org

  42. Shouting out - Egga Hartung - Raimo Rradzcewski - Markus

    Decke - Martin Klose - Carlos Blé - Boris Diebold - Jörg Braner
  43. Thanks! Resources: github.com/dcarral/software-crafting Follow-up: twitter.com/dcarral dan@dcarral.org