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Road To Agile Transformation

November 17, 2018

Road To Agile Transformation

Congratulations, you decide to adopt one of agile methodologies, and now you have boards, sprints, standup, retrospectives with all bells and whistles - so you can say that you are agile now! Wait, still no significant difference to previous way of working? Or maybe you still don't believe that you are really agile or agile enough? This presentation will cover all challenges and pitfalls through real-life use cases in adoption on agile principles and how they are matched with exact software development elements from planning, management execution, development, testing and delivery perspective like customer and request management, continuous integration, automated tests, and continuous delivery.


November 17, 2018

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  1. Agile principles Agile software development is a group of software

    development methods in which solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change. More @ http://agilemanifesto.org/principles.html
  2. Power to the team • Act as one team! •

    Request individual and team commitments • Constant learning • Frequent whiteboard sessions – all hands or group • Frequent sessions with the customers
  3. Continuous Improvement Mindset Values Principles Practices Tools and Processes Less

    visible – more powerful More visible – less powerful Move toward learning organization Requires cultural and structural changes Can be adopted in command and control Agile Transformation Do Agile Be Agile Think Agile Agile Culture
  4. Agile value the unknown What we know in the beginning

    What we know that we don’t know What we don’t know that we don’t know