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Inclusive Leadership: Authentic Conversations - Sherlaender (Lani) Phillips, DevOpsDays Chicago 2020

Inclusive Leadership: Authentic Conversations - Sherlaender (Lani) Phillips, DevOpsDays Chicago 2020

The year 2020 has been a year of trying times for us personally and professionally. Many companies have come face to face with adversity that is forcing them to reimagine their business and culture. These times require us to step up and be “Inclusive leaders”. This starts with creating a culture and space to have “Authentic Conversations”. This will be the start of what allows you to hear one another and develop solutions together. Lani has developed 6 steps to having an authentic conversation. Please join her as she takes you on a journey to strengthening your relationships one conversation at a time.

DevOpsDays Chicago

September 01, 2020

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  1. Authentic
    Sherlaender (Lani) Phillips
    VP of US Channel Sales

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  2. How do you have Authentic Conversations?
    Be Vulnerable
    Be willing to admit you are uncomfortable. Recognize you do not have the same lived experience and acknowledge this might be
    new for you. Emphasize you want to support them and learn.
    Validate their Feelings
    Do not judge their feelings or feel the need to comment. They have a right to feel their feelings. Just thank them for sharing and
    acknowledge it took courage for them to speak. You’re not there to solve all the problems, but to listen. Continue to listen until
    they are done.
    Show Up & Listen with Empathy
    The first step is to be willing to show up without distraction and be fully present. Just listen with empathy. You don’t have to say
    anything, just demonstrate you care.
    Active Listening
    Listen to understand, not to respond. Sit in the uncomfortable silence. Just deeply listen and hear what they are trying to say to
    you. It may not be very succinct. Give them time to peel back the layers and share. Your job is just to listen and seek clarity when
    Ask Where you Can Help
    Ask them what they want/need? Allow them to participate in the solution.
    Follow Through
    Put some actions behind your words. If they ask for help, then please follow through.

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  3. How can you
    C R E AT E S PA C E
    to engage in authentic

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    Connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/laniphillips/
    Sherlaender (Lani) Phillips
    VP of US Channel Sales

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