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Mofizur Rahman - You Probably Don't Need Kubernetes

Mofizur Rahman - You Probably Don't Need Kubernetes

DevOps Days GDL 2020 - February 20th


DevOpsDays GDL

February 20, 2020

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  1. Mofizur Rahman Developer Advocate, IBM You Probably Don’t Need Kubernetes

  2. @moficodes Want ≠ Need

  3. @moficodes Ask Why

  4. @moficodes Microservice Envy

  5. @moficodes Distributed Monolith

  6. @moficodes “Don't even consider microservices unless you have a system

    that's too complex to manage as a monolith.” Martin Fowler
  7. @moficodes

  8. @moficodes Kubernetes is Hard

  9. @moficodes Don’t fit your problem to a solution

  10. @moficodes You will never future proof 100%

  11. @moficodes Kubernetes ≠ Speed New ≠ Better Useful ≠ Useful

    for You
  12. @moficodes If not K8s, then what?

  13. @moficodes Culture > Tools

  14. @moficodes Communication > Abstraction

  15. @moficodes Restructure > Refactor

  16. @moficodes Automate Everything

  17. @moficodes Code Once Test Twice

  18. @moficodes There is no cure for bad architecture

  19. @moficodes Kubernetes Will Be Here (Or something similar will...)

  20. @moficodes What is right is not always popular and what

    is popular is not always right. ― Albert Einstein