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David Hollinger III - Vox Pupuli - The Importance of Working Together

David Hollinger III - Vox Pupuli - The Importance of Working Together

Everyone has run into the situation where a library/tool you relied on was no longer compatible in your environment due to abandonment. This is where the community comes in. Vox Pupuli provides a place for orphaned puppet modules/tools to be maintained/improved. Find how/why we do this and join!

DevOpsDays KC 2017

September 22, 2017

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  1. What is Vox Pupuli? Collective of Puppet module, tooling and

    documentation authors Provide a home for orphaned Puppet modules (and tools) Maintains many modules Be helpful and excellent to each other Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 2 / 20
  2. What is Vox Pupuli? No relation to Puppet, Inc Work

    and Develop at our own pace. Be helpful and excellent to each other. All community members are welcome. Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 3 / 20
  3. Who is Vox Pupuli? ~105 Volunteers Developers Systems Admins Many

    other non-coders Contributors new to Git Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 4 / 20
  4. Who is Vox Pupuli? Merge access to 132 repositories that

    are a mix of: Puppet modules Puppet-Lint checks Other Ruby Gems Python based API-client and Dashboard Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 5 / 20
  5. Who is Vox Pupuli? 100% volunteers A few people work

    for Puppet, Inc. Most of the contributors participate in their free time. Focus on ensuring our Users can continue to rely on our software. Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 6 / 20
  6. Why is Vox Pupuli? Maintaining software is difficult Modules are

    no different. Ensuring quality is a never-ending race against bit-rot. The ruby ecosystem evolves quickly and can be difficult to keep up with best practices. Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 7 / 20
  7. Why is Vox Pupuli? Trying to do all this alone

    is exhausting (at best). Sickness, changing jobs, losing interest, or simply life can interefere. We forget that sometimes we can be a single point of failure. Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 8 / 20
  8. Why is Vox Pupuli? Puppet modules can be tiny, but

    still require a lot of attention/time Many Puppet modules can add up over time. Having 100+ other people around has helped eliminate the single point of failure of the maintainer. Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 9 / 20
  9. How? Automation: modulesync We are managing 85 modules. Created by

    Puppet, Inc and handed to Vox Pupuli. Tool for templating and standardizing config files across multiple git repos. Anybody can start it and submit a PR. Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 11 / 20
  10. How? Automation: Travis/Releases We use Travis for our test and

    release automation. rspec-puppet runs tests against common Puppet/Ruby versions on each PR. Built our own release gem - voxpupuli-release - made releases easy for anyone perform. Travis + Release Gem releases to Puppet Forge and RubyGems. Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 12 / 20
  11. How? People: Contributors Anyone who submits bug reports, feature requests,

    pull requests.... Provide feedback on irc and slack Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 13 / 20
  12. How? People: Collaborators Review and Merge Pull Requests. Trigger Automated

    Releases. Assist Users with Git. Provide communication for their projects of responsibility. and explain why we don't support Puppet 3, Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.3, or 2.0.0 anymore. Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 14 / 20
  13. How? People: Project Management Committee 5 Members, elected yearly. Approve

    Governance changes Enforce the Code of Conduct. Make decisions when Community consensus can't be reached. No specific chairperson or roles. PMC guidelines are created by the community https://tinyurl.com/voxpupuli-governance-md Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 15 / 20
  14. What does Vox Pupuli do? ....for me? ....for my organization?

    Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 16 / 20
  15. What does Vox Pupuli do? Modules released frequently and held

    to high standards. Compatible with all supported versions of Puppet. Always glad to provide help for Puppet/Ruby. Migrate a module or gem to us! Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 17 / 20
  16. Working Together "What if I don't use Puppet?" Everything we

    use or produce is freely available! Steal our process/Tools! Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 18 / 20
  17. Working Together Join other community organizations: Sous-chefs Chef Community organization

    http://sous-chefs.org Slack - https://community-slack.chef.io Fruitful JavaScript Community organization community of volunteers who are joining forces to maintain adopted or abandoned JavaScript packages Co-founded by Vox Pupuli founder Igor Galic (@hirojin) http://fruitfuljs.org Terra-Farm Terraform Community organization https://github.com/Terra-Farm Gitter: https://gitter.im/hashicorp-terraform/Lobby Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 19 / 20
  18. Summary How do you get involved? We are always looking

    for new Maintainers (Python devs needed!) Join another Community Organization, such as sous-chefs! Create one for your favorite language! Or simply jump into a community IRC/Slack channel or mailing list and get to know people! Contact: IRC: #voxpupuli on freenode Slack: #voxpupuli on puppetcommunity.slack.com Mailing List: https://groups.io/g/voxpupuli [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Thanks for your time! Vox Pupuli @moduletux for @voxpupuliorg 20 / 20