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Dane Hammer - The First Year Working Remotely

Dane Hammer - The First Year Working Remotely

After 8 years driving to an office building, I started working from home. I’ve now spent the last 18 months working remotely, across two jobs. This session will focus on the expectations and the realities, the benefits and the drawbacks, of starting your work day in whatever you slept in.

DevOpsDays KC 2017

September 22, 2017

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  1. Outline • Things you’ve heard that are true • Things

    you’ve heard that are NOT true • Surprises (to both of us?)
  2. A Tale of Two Companies • Some place in Iowa

    I won’t disparage • New Context in San Francisco
  3. What you’ve heard that is NOT true People aren’t magically

    productive because they’re in an office, they just LOOK productive.
  4. Conclusion • There’s a lot of perks • You gotta

    have the right company to do it with
  5. Conclusion • You need to know yourself, know if it’s

    the right thing for you • But at least try it!