HPB JS Patterns

HPB JS Patterns

The presentation has some gifs. It's not fun as the the keynote. Here's the keynote link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dxb2c7xas6s5xq/L%26L.key?dl=0


Djalma Araújo

July 10, 2015


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    Why? • Code understanding / Organization • Large code base

    • Too many developers • People moving between projects
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    Object Literal • No instances allowed • Awesome for utilities

    (Loading Spinner, Simple Binds, Specific Behaviour in a page) • Such an object is also sometimes called singleton.***
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    Function as a Class • Multiple Instances • Great for

    multiple rendering modules • Good for objects that needs inheritance • ECMAScript 6 brings “class” method as a syntax sugar