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Musical Software for Real Musicians: Ten Musical Things You Can Do With a Computer, Even If You Hate Computer Music

by DJ Dual Core

Published September 14, 2013 in Technology

Musical Software for Real Musicians: 10 Musical Things To Do With a Computer Even If You Hate Computer Music (Neil Clopton) - You can make any kind of music with a computer, not just electronic dance music, mash-ups or "computer music." Singers, acoustic and electric musicians at every musical and technical level have Free Software tools available to them to help with almost any musical task. Composition, notation, arranging, collaborating, demoing, preparing backing tracks, transposition and sharing can all be enhanced and accelerated with Free Software no matter your primary instrument, operating system, style of music or technical background. This talk will demonstrate a variety of specific tasks and tools helpful to a variety of musicians, but that too many musicians are not aware of or believe are for somebody else.