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The Future Friendly Campus

The Future Friendly Campus

Social media and mobile devices have combined to help create the always-with-us, always-on, always-connected campus. Not just student-to-student but, importantly, institution/faculty/staff-to-student as well as staff-to-staff. We need to look beyond the silo-ed, one-way web sites of the past towards more personal, two-way applications that take advantage of this sea change on campus. The ways in which our users will want to interact with us, the types of tasks they’ll want to complete, and the types of devices we’ll want to deliver to will just continue to proliferate.

Now is the time to reevaluate.

Using lessons learned at a large land-grant institution we’ll look at what the future friendly campus might look like, ways to plant the seed of that change and tips on how to accomplish it.

Dave Olsen

April 11, 2012

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  1. The Future Friendly Campus Dave Olsen, @dmolsen West Virginia University

  2. introduction about me

  3. 30,000 ft From 30,000 ft.

  4. Why The Why of Future Friendly

  5. What The What of Future Friendly

  6. How How The How of Future Friendly

  7. Why The Why of Future Friendly

  8. History Lesson A History Lesson

  9. Why The Future Friendly Campus In the beginning...

  10. We Had Print

  11. defined container Strong Layout Constraints We Had Print

  12. defined container Strong Layout Constraints Content & Layout Are Tightly

    Coupled We Had Print
  13. defined container Strong Layout Constraints Content & Layout Are Tightly

    Coupled Primarily “Talk At” We Had Print
  14. Why The Future Friendly Campus In more recent times...

  15. Computers

  16. Internet

  17. Internet Flexible Layouts

  18. Internet Flexible Layouts Content & Layout Can Start To Be

  19. Flexible Layouts Content & Layout Can Start To Be Decoupled

    Has Turned Into “Talk With” Internet
  20. Why False Sense of Security Which lead too a...

  21. 24-7 access, two way Fixed Access

  22. 24-7 access, two way Limited Resolutions

  23. 24-7 access, two way Content Silos

  24. Why The Future Friendly Campus The present day...

  25. 24-7 access, two way Mobile

  26. Highly Constrained Layouts Mobile

  27. Highly Constrained Layouts Rapidly Evolving Ecosystem Mobile

  28. Highly Constrained Layouts Rapidly Evolving Ecosystem Allows True “Anywhere, Anytime”

    Access Mobile
  29. Yes, Anywhere 75% of men admit to using their mobile

    on the toilet. Source: http://www.11mark.com/IT-in-the-Toilet
  30. And Anytime 83% of young people sleep next to their

    phones. Source:http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/Infographic_83_percent_of_young_people_sleep_next_9391.aspx
  31. The Wave is Coming http://www.macrumors.com/2012/04/03/one-third-of-u-s-high-school-students-now-own-an-iphone/ 34% of high school students

    report owning an iPhone.
  32. The Hyper-Connected Society We’re entering... So what does it mean?

  33. 24-7 access, two way Building New Content Silos?

  34. 24-7 access, two way Learning New Skills?

  35. Trying to Keep Up?

  36. Why The Future Friendly Campus The near future... And then

  37. A Small Taste

  38. native apps standalone mobile sites mobile templates responsive designs APIs

    WVU’s Solutions
  39. Our Future?

  40. Scary It’s Scary!

  41. It’s Overwhelming!

  42. You’ll Want To Hide

  43. A Ray of Hope

  44. None
  45. What The What of Future Friendly

  46. who founded it

  47. @grigs @adactio @brad_frost @lyzadanger @scottjehl @bryanrieger @stephanierieger @globalmoxie @lukew @scottjenson

    Twitter Handles
  48. futurefriend.ly

  49. What What The Truths aka “Our Reality”

  50. Text The Truths Disruption will only accelerate.

  51. Text The Truths Our existing standards, workflows, & infrastructure won’t

    hold up.
  52. Text The Truths Proprietary solutions will dominate at first.

  53. Text The Truths The standards process will be painfully slow.

  54. What What There is Hope Rejoice!

  55. Text A New Hope Acknowledge & embrace unpredictability.

  56. Text A New Hope Think & behave in a future-friendly

  57. Text A New Hope Help others do the same.

  58. “ Future Friendly is more the outcome of a Constitutional

    Convention than it is a practical set of laws. A “when you do stuff, do it with this in mind” mode of thinking. - Dave Mulder @muldster Summing It Up
  59. How How The How of Future Friendly

  60. Here There How Do We Get There?

  61. Text Future Friendly Tenet Acknowledge & embrace unpredictability. #1

  62. Don’t Overreact

  63. The Shiny

  64. technology doesn’t solve all ills (pencil photo) Tech Isn’t Always

  65. Be Friendly!

  66. Text Why not? 70% of prospective students are happy to

    browse your current websites on their mobile device. Source: https://www.noellevitz.com/papers-research-higher-education/2012/2012-mobile-expectations-report
  67. So Breathe & Relax... A Little

  68. Text Future Friendly Tenet Think & behave in a future-friendly

    way. #2
  69. Text Next Steps Don’t worry about being known, worry about

    being useful.
  70. Boo, Politics!

  71. The University Home Page Content Delivery vs. Tangible Utility

  72. mobile first “ Mobile devices require software development teams to

    focus on only the most important data and actions in an application. Mobile First - Luke Wroblewski @lukew
  73. The Age of the Sensor

  74. Text Next Steps Data & content should be set free.

  75. API First APIs: The Plumbing Create Once, Publish Everywhere APIs

    are the infrastructure for your Future Friendly initiatives...
  76. Update once. Publishes to: iOS App, Mobile Website, Student Portal,

    Transportation Website, & Twitter PRT API Example
  77. API highway slide Recombinable Content

  78. Text Afternoon Talk Creating APIs for Mobile - Nick DeNardis

  79. Text Next Steps Structure & store data with the future

    in mind.
  80. structured & self-aware content Structured & Self-Aware Content

  81. Text Next Steps Give your existing content a chance to

    adapt to the future.
  82. responsive web design...

  83. discovery + communication plan Discovery

  84. None
  85. stat about browser usage “Not every mobile device will have

    your app on it but every mobile device will have a browser. - Jason Grigsby @grigs Discovery
  86. 77% of smartphone users use search. Most visited type of

    website. from Google’s “The Mobile Movement” report, April 2011
  87. Existing Indexed Content

  88. stat about browser usage “Links don’t open apps. - Jason

    Grigsby @grigs Discovery
  89. 55% of users with an internet-enabled phone use it to

    check personal email. from Merkle’s “View from the Digital Inbox” report, January 2011
  90. Getting social? Social Media

  91. Print Pieces

  92. Got the Skills to Pay the Bills

  93. links + skills + search responsive web design first Summing

    It Up
  94. Evolution of RWD RESS Responsive Web Design + Server Side

  95. ress.dmolsen.com

  96. Text Future Friendly Tenet Help others do the same. #3

  97. It’s a Starting Point

  98. Resources Resources

  99. futurefriend.ly

  100. Twitter & Stuff mobilewebbestpractices.com

  101. twitter.com/dmolsen/ffly

  102. dmolsen.com

  103. Many thanks to Mr. Robertson for the snazzy device &

    progressive strategy graphics.
  104. Thanks, Star Trek by jdhancock Student Recording Video by U.

    of Denver Silo by dawn_perry Road to Ribblesdale by Luc B Cat by pagedooley Toilet by beatkueng Highway Lights by Spreng Ben Ray by shutterrunner Bed by chaparral Wave by mikebaird Flickr by dsevilla Clouds by Francisco Martins Monitor by benadamson Google by manfrys Cyber Cafe by larskflem Lego Discovery by dunechaser Computer by x-ray_delta_one History Lesson by kalexanderson Beach by nattu Overwhelmed by pagedooley Jewels by pinksherbet Scary by jon_ovington Overreach by kwl Capitol by wbeem Pencil by ??? Dog by hippolytephotography Sensor by juanpg RWD by chasingdaisy Communicate by pagedooley Hamster by zebrapares FF Group by lyzadanger Tattoo by tantek
  105. The End