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From Noob to Contributing Noob

From Noob to Contributing Noob

my talk at ElixirConf 2019 (Prague)

Daniel Serrano

November 22, 2018

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  1. Outline Lisbon |> Elixir • a bit about my early

    days with Elixir • how I went from not knowing the language to contributing to OSS projects • httpoison • spandex • elixir-thrift • the community behind Elixir
  2. Onfido a Lisbon |> Elixir • using it to run

    a research pipeline made up of a sequence of Python executables in a fault-tolerant way • very hacky • 1st pull-request in Elixir during hackathon • lots of in-house knowledge that has been building up and more…
  3. Motus Lisbon |> Elixir • poolboy • worker pools •

    fuse • circuit breaking • ex_statsd • metrics • mox • mocks for testing • httpoison • http • spandex • tracing microservices aggregator
  4. Boxxie Python microservice Content-Type: multipart/mixed;boundary=firstboundary123 --firstboundary123 Content-Type: application/json {“metadata”: …}

    --firstboundary123 Content-Type: image/png [binary] --firstboundary123 Content-Type: application/json {“metadata”: …} --firstboundary123 Content-Type: image/png [binary] --firstboundary123-- multipart response request Lisbon |> Elixir
  5. spandex v2.4.0 • recognition for your work • gives you

    a sense of accomplishment • fosters deeper, broader knowledge • strengthens the community Lisbon |> Elixir
  6. • Uber’s open-source distributed tracing platform • uses Thrift as

    the underlying communication protocol Lisbon |> Elixir
  7. Get Involved • follow Elixir community members on Twitter •

    watch elixirforum.com • sign up for the Plataformatec newsletter on Elixir • listen to podcasts • read (and write) blog posts • present talks at the Lisbon |> Elixir meetup Lisbon |> Elixir