Topcoder: The Anatomy of a Challenge

Topcoder: The Anatomy of a Challenge

In this talk Katy Price will discuss the Topcoder platform, focusing specifically on a new offering that Topcoder is rolling out to it’s community - In conjunction with many partners Topcoder is beginning to roll out a pipeline of design work and development work focusing on iOS to enable the crowd to help deliver innovative solutions for clients all around the world. Topcoder is focused on helping members improve, hone their skills, earn cash rewards and to be recognized for the work they complete. By becoming part of the Topcoder iOS Community you can raise your mobile app dev game while earning badges and coding or designing for real-world app development projects. Rather than focus on just the platform, Katy will walk the audience through a real life challenge that ran on the platform, how members signed up and competed and how the code review process works for challenges in general using the competitive crowdsourcing model to get work done.

By Katy Price

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do{iOS} conference

November 09, 2015