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How To Create Saga-Free Distributed Transactions

How To Create Saga-Free Distributed Transactions

You can't just cut a monolith into microservices. Simple database transactions become a stumbling block and a pain for the developer in distributed transaction form.

And existing solutions are complex and unreliable and are either not necessary or difficult to implement and unstable to operate.

In this session, we will resolve this issue and demonstrate how you can achieve saga-free distributed transactions with a simple and transparent process.

Ilya Kaznacheev

January 20, 2023

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  1. Ilya Kaznacheev Consulting Cloud-Native Architect Founder, InfraPulse.io Tech Lead, MTS

    Cloud Google Developer Expert on Cloud Ph.D., GCP PCA, CNCF CKA
  2. Outcome •no domain leakage •independent domain transactions •domains unaware of

    each other's insides •large and complex processes are transactional •transaction is transparent for observation •good, robust, SAGA-free