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Building a Cloud-Native PaaS

Building a Cloud-Native PaaS

Ilya Kaznacheev

October 18, 2023

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  1. Building a Cloud-Native PaaS Architecture Tips and Tricks for a

    High SLA Ilya Kaznacheev DevFest Vienna 2023
  2. aaS

  3. What we wanted to achieve • SLA 99,99% (availability +

    reliability) • quick incident reaction • fast feature delivery • atomicity and consistency across the system • readable and maintainable code base
  4. Outcomes • codebase is readable • complex logic is maintainable

    • distributed processes are transparent • new features added quickly • easy to write tests
  5. Outcomes • error localization speed decreased by 20 times (up

    to minutes) • debugging and troubleshooting is simpli fi ed • issue processing has accelerated • developers are happy • testers are happy • customers are happy