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Lessons from Both Sides of an Interview Desk

Lessons from Both Sides of an Interview Desk

David Tuite from LegitScript talks about the recent 6 month period when he went from being a fresh-faced, first-time job candidate to interviewing his own candidates on behalf of the company that hired him. There'll be tips on CV writing, negotiating, performing well in technical exercises and a bunch of other skills that can help you interview better and make more money.


David Tuite

June 23, 2015


  1. LegitScript LegitScript Lessons from Both Sides of an Interview Desk

  2. 9 Months Ago Me LegitScript

  3. LegitScript

  4. LegitScript Choosing Direction

  5. LegitScript Choosing Location

  6. LegitScript

  7. LegitScript

  8. LegitScript TechMeAbroad JobsInTech

  9. LegitScript

  10. LegitScript

  11. LegitScript Finding listings

  12. The Application Process LegitScript

  13. Cover letter writing LegitScript

  14. LegitScript Hi! I saw your job ad on Ruby Ireland

    and I would really suit the role. I'm excited by the fact that you have huge companies like Google and Microsoft as clients. It sounds like valuable work you guys do. Looking forward to your response, David.
  15. LegitScript Hi! I'm a Dublin based web developer with tons

    of professional experience with Ruby and Rails, MySQL and TDD (basically your entire tech stack actually). I've also been known to crack a joke every now and then. Have a great day, David.
  16. Cover letter writing LegitScript

  17. CV Writing LegitScript

  18. LegitScript Migrated all payments related code in our main Rails

    4 application to Stripe. This included migrating more than a million rows of historic transaction data. The new integration resulted in a 10% increase in checkout completions.
  19. LegitScript Owned development of a customer facing blog posting feature

    for the duration of my time with the company. I decreased page loading times by 50% and increased engagement by 20% during this time.
  20. Context LegitScript

  21. LegitScript

  22. CV Writing LegitScript

  23. LegitScript

  24. CV Design LegitScript

  25. CV Design LegitScript

  26. LegitScript Coding Challenges

  27. LegitScript .docx

  28. LegitScript Editor Screenshot

  29. LegitScript Gist

  30. LegitScript Coding Challenges

  31. Work samples LegitScript

  32. LegitScript

  33. In-Person Interviews LegitScript

  34. Practice LegitScript

  35. Ask questions LegitScript

  36. LegitScript But I wanted to appear smart, so I didn’t

    express any confusion. “ - Lawrence
  37. Common questions LegitScript

  38. Negotiating LegitScript

  39. LegitScript

  40. Rejection :-( LegitScript

  41. @dtuite bit.ly/ruby-ireland-interviewing LegitScript