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Why I use Vim

Why I use Vim



June 28, 2012

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  1. None
  2. 因 why

  3. 快 launch fast

  4. 找 file navigation

  5. 色 syntax highlight

  6. 錢 money matters

  7. 跨 cross platform

  8. 改 customization

  9. 掛 tones of powerful plugins

  10. 跩 looks like a master

  11. 果 so, I choose Vim, 6 months ago

  12. 空 I started with an empty .vimrc

  13. 現 and hosted on github

  14. 瘋 some crazy or stupid things

  15. 練 I use vim everyday

  16. 賺 totally worth it

  17. 瑞 I can’t go back any more

  18. 完 end, and thanks you all :)

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