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Jamstack gives you wings (Be the frontend engineer you always wanted to be)

Jamstack gives you wings (Be the frontend engineer you always wanted to be)

All serverless platforms are extensions of the power of front-end developers, and with better serverless the blurring of middleware boundaries around ownership issues that exist between back-end and front-end teams is somewhat clearer. This answers the old question of "who owns the proxy server?" That's what a serverless platform owns!

But what happens when the serverless code leaves the computer? Where are you going? Do you want to make new friends wherever you go? As the size of the company grows, will we grow together with it? Let's talk about this. In this program, we'll be talking about pushing the boundaries of serverless.


Obinna Ekwuno

November 16, 2021

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  1. Jamstack gives you wings Be the frontend engineer you always

    wanted to be.
  2. Hi 👋 I am Obinna. - Weekend Filmmaker. - Developer

    Advocate @ Cloud f lare - Sentient water- f illed carbon Lifeform
  3. None
  4. We keep improving on everything but we are really never

    doing anything new
  5. What is the Jamstack?

  6. Think of the f irst time you built with the

  7. None
  8. It’s a f ile with some content like 1993 all

    over again!
  9. What does this even mean?

  10. None
  11. The gist of it all. • Frontend decoupled • Data

    is pulled in as needed. • Thinking of your project in pieces that add up. • Handle logic with serverless
  12. The lifecycle of your frontend app.

  13. None
  14. Deliver high-quality experience to your customers around the world at

    low latency
  15. Where does the frontend code go? Deploying the frontend is

    50% of your worries gone.
  16. Cloud f lare Pages ⚡

  17. Imagine if the frontend was within seconds of the users

  18. “That’s super fast!”

  19. Deploy hooks, redirects, headers, deploy presets

  20. Let your frontend live on the edge.

  21. APIs

  22. None
  23. Client Server DB Server

  24. As a service products

  25. Client CDN/services

  26. API • Authentication - Auth0, • CMS - Strapi, Contentful,

    Sanity • Payment - Paystack, Stripe • Functions - Netlify, Workers, • Search - Algolia
  27. Client World

  28. Can we take it a step further? Make the services

    more servicee??
  29. You don’t want to be close to your server, You

    want to be close to your user.
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  31. Do more stu ff on the edge! Cloud f lare

    workers ⚡
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  34. Bene f its • Better User experience • No Latency

    • Client and functions are closer • Cache on the edge (Little v8 babies 👶 )
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  36. It’s not enough to have your function close to you….

    What about the data??
  37. Workers KV, Durable objects, Stream, images, Pages….

  38. Talk about the JAMstack without the M

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  41. DSR, SSR

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  43. Thanks for Listening Reach out on twitter @ obinnaspeaks