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Life on the Edge

F51de5c2338c052872065d71e6f677b3?s=47 Obinna Ekwuno
November 12, 2021

Life on the Edge

Working with serverless technology can be both exciting and expensive. Exciting in the sense that you do not have to think so much about scaling and accommodating more users. Expensive because as you grow, your requests also grow, and sometimes you might be limited to particular regions. In this talk, we will focus on how building with Cloudflare workers helps you reduce the stress with a better user experience.


Obinna Ekwuno

November 12, 2021

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  1. Life on the Edge. (Where does all the serverless code

    go? )
  2. Hi 👋 I am Obinna. - Weekend Filmmaker. - Developer

    Advocate @ Cloud f lare - Sentient water- f illed carbon Lifeform
  3. So emmm… Serverless right?? But how?

  4. “Cumulus homogenitus”

  5. None
  6. None
  7. None
  8. On Premise $/machine Infrastructure ( IaaS) ——- $/hour Platform(PaaS) —

    $/hour Functions(FaaS) — $/request Where it all started
  9. 100% User experience

  10. Deliver high-quality experience to your customers around the world at

    low latency
  11. “Everything that can break will break”

  12. None
  13. First-gen Serverless • Standardised Containers • Regional Deployment • Complex

  14. Next-gen Serverless • Better user experience • Global deployment •

    Low Latency • Predictable
  15. Servers VMs Serverless Originless

  16. Originless?

  17. “But why should I care about this?”

  18. I grew up in Nigeria - Slow Internet -Further away

    from the servers. - Using the internet was terrible.
  19. None
  20. None
  21. No cold starts! Cloud f lare Workers ⚡

  22. The same way web browsers run code. But now on

    the EDGE.
  23. Why is being close to the edge important?

  24. You don’t want to be close to your server, You

    want to be close to your user.
  25. 95% of connected world is within 50ms, 80% is within

  26. Pinging from the Cloud f lare London o ff ice.

  27. How Workers work. • Treat the network as a Computer

    • Fast deployment • Fast Startup time • Predictable prices (No CPU time charge) / Free tier up to 100000 requests. • Tiny V8 babies 👶
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  30. “That’s super fast!”

  31. It’s not enough to have your function close to you….

    What about the data??
  32. Workers KV, Durable objects, Stream, images, Pages….

  33. None
  34. None
  35. Thanks for Listening Reach out on twitter @ obinnaspeaks