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Elastic for Time Series Data and Predictive Analytics

Elasticsearch Inc
January 12, 2016

Elastic for Time Series Data and Predictive Analytics

Elasticsearch Inc

January 12, 2016


  1. 3 Viral Adoption Mar’15 Oct’12 Apr’13 Apr’14 Oct’13 20. Millions

    of Downloads 10. 40+ Million Downloads Cumulative across Elastic products to date Nov’15 40. Sept’14
  2. 4 What is Elastic? Platformaround a distributed data store By

    developers for developers Massive amounts of structured and unstructured data Real-time at scale
  3. 5 Elastic stack Logstash Collect, parse and enrich data Elasticsearch

    Store, search, analyze Hadoop Ecosystem Hadoop connector Beats Tap into your wire data Shield Security Watcher Scheduler Marvel - Monitoring Found Scale in the cloud Kibana Visualize and explore data Training Professional Services Support Subscriptions BUILT FOR TODAY’S SCALABLE, DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS
  4. 6 What is Time Series Data? Has a timestamp Older

    and newer data Older data is less important Very old data will be deleted Random variation Trends and predictions
  5. 7 Time Series Architecture Filebeat Log files Packetbeat Packet sniffing

    Topbeat Server metrics Execbeat Arbitrary commands logstash-input-* JDBC, Twitter, *MQ, etc. Roll your own! Java, .NET, Python, etc. Logstash ES ES ES Kibana Timelion Custom
  6. 9 New in Elasticsearch2.0 Pipeline Aggregations “Aggregations on top of

    other aggregations” Derivatives Moving average Holt-Winters (prediction / anomaly detection) Custom
  7. 21 { model: holt_winters window: 360 predict: 120 settings: {

    type: mult period: 120 } } Holt-Winters triple exponential weighted moving average Prediction
  8. 23 MADRID, Spain January 19 - 21 BERLIN,Germany January 25

    - 28 COPENHAGEN, Denmark January 26 - 29 PARIS, France February 1 - 4 LONDON, United Kingdom February 3 - 5 AMSTERDAM, Netherlands February 8 - 11 training.elastic.co
  9. 24