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Why Elastic? @ 50th Vinitaly 2016

Why Elastic? @ 50th Vinitaly 2016

Why do companies as different as Wikipedia, Netflix, USAA and NASA use the Elastic stack? And why should you, too?


Elasticsearch Inc

April 12, 2016


  1. 1 Why Elastic? Verizon, Netflix, CERN – and you? Christoph

    Wurm Solutions Architect, Elastic
  2. 2 What is Elastic Platform around a distributed data store

  3. 3 50+ Million Downloads (and growing)! 2014 30. Millions of

    Downloads 10. 50. 2016 2015 2012 2013 Cumulative all Elastic products to date
  4. 4 Solutions for Developers are Limiting High scale, batch, not

    real-time Structured data, complex joins, not unstructured data Key/value stores, schemaless, lack of analytical capabilities Proprietary Systems Single use case, not built to support multiple use cases The New Developer Requirements Horizontal Scale Real-Time Availability Flexible Data Model Rapid Query Execution Sophisticated Query Language Schemaless Great tools exist, but they don’t meet critical key requirements
  5. 5 Use Cases Social Location User- Activity Machine (Log files)

    Documents Search Logging Security Analytics Analytics
  6. 6 Elastic Cloud Security Monitoring Alerting Graph X-Pack Kibana User

    Interface Elasticsearch Store, Index, & Analyze Ingest Logstash Beats + Elastic Stack Our Product Portfolio
  7. 7 Graph

  8. 8 Christoph Wurm Solutions Architect, Elastic Ask me anything!