OSCON: Scaling a distributed engineering team from 50-250

OSCON: Scaling a distributed engineering team from 50-250

The Elastic engineering team is made up of ~250 employees, across more than ten teams, in over 30 countries — it’s been distributed since day one. It’s also been open source since day one, as the company behind the OSS projects Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats.

This talk will cover how the engineering team has evolved as we've grown, how we work and communicate effectively across all timezones, the tools we use, and how we make decisions. We’ll discuss the core values we’ve defined and re-defined at different stages of growth, and how we identified and communicated those values. Additionally, we’ll talk about what team structures work well, how to hire, and balancing open source and commercial development.


Elasticsearch Inc

May 23, 2017