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Using Elastic to monitor anything

Elasticsearch Inc
August 16, 2016

Using Elastic to monitor anything

Short slide deck originally developed for the Berlin DigitalOcean Meetup on Aug 16, 2016

Elasticsearch Inc

August 16, 2016


  1. Using Elastic to monitor anything @ChristophWurm August 2016

  2. Unstructured Data Structured Data Search Logging Security Metrics Analytics Social

    Sensor Logs Documents User Activity Location
  3. Elastic Cloud Security X-Pack Kibana User Interface Elasticsearch Store, Index,

    & Analyze Ingest Logstash Beats + Elastic Stack Alerting Monitoring Reporting Graph
  4. ”Long” pipeline

  5. Ingest node

  6. Filebeat Tail files Packetbeat Capture network packets Metricbeat System (ex

    Topbeat) Apache MySQL Nginx PostgreSQL Redis Zookeeper Winlogbeat Windows event logs
  7. apachebeat httpd server-status burrowbeat kafka consumer lag cassandrabeat nodetool cfstats

    cloudtrailbeat aws events dockerbeat container stats elasticbeat elasticsearch status execbeat shell cmd output flowbeat sflow factbeat puppet facter httpbeat poll http(s) endpoints jmxproxybeat tomcat jmx metrics lmsensorsbeat temp, voltage, fans mysqlbeat any query -> elasticsearch packagebeat dpkg, rpm pingbeat icmp ping w/ rtt redisbeat redis info twitterbeat tweets by screen name wmibeat windows monitoring https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/libbeat/master/community-beats.html
  8. Demo Beats & Kibana 5 Script at https://github.com/cwurm/elastic-monitoring-meetup

  9. Q&A @ChristophWurm