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Computational Photography portfolio

Computational Photography portfolio

Portfolio after finishing CS6475.

Daniel Lobato García

August 04, 2017

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  1. Assignment #1: A Photograph is a Photograph Sunset in Villaverde

    Alto, Madrid, Spain Content resized using GIMP Taken with a Lenovo Vibe Shot
  2. Assignment #2: Image I/O Imag e1 Correct Output image imag

    e2 Overflow Output image Image1 image2 Merging two images I learnt why overflow in data types should be taken into account when manipulating pictures
  3. Assignment #3: Epsilon Photography The original images display a moving

    focus length while all other camera options remain static. Image 1 focus at the closest object, Image 4 at the infinite. By applying focus stacking, we can get a crisp image focused at all lengths
  4. Assignment #10: Pictures of Space (2) Point cloud from my

    kitchen. 190 pictures taken as input for OpenSFM, only 80 were used. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz4WMhz8WLjncEtoYlkzSlRyZGs/ view?usp=sharing
  5. Final Project Input read as grayscale Blur the image to

    hide wrong white “pixels” Apply thresholding to reveal bright areas in picture Erode and dilate to discover the full bright area To detect multiple regions as one: use connected component labeling Find contours of bright spots and paint them Expand light sphere with a slider * *Tried to use spherical harmonics for this but it was not possible due to lack of depth image with 3d points representation. Change color temperature of light sphere Save output Make a mask of bright spot contour + gradient All steps are automatic