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Refine Enterprise Applications by Focusing on User Experience

Refine Enterprise Applications by Focusing on User Experience

When looking at large scale and data heavy enterprise applications, we often notice a lack of user experience (UX) design. People today are spoiled with user friendly and modern applications to aid them in their daily tasks for everything from shopping to social networking to ordering a cab; however, they don’t get the same user friendly experience in their work applications. An important challenge for enterprise application developers is that users now expect the same excellent user experience in their work applications as they have in their personal ones. The enterprise market has long been behind the consumer market, but the gap is closing. Ext JS is a superb framework for developing data heavy applications, and it provides a large set of user friendly and customizable components to manage and visualize enterprise data. Furthermore, Ext JS provides the tools you need to build custom and reusable components that will take your applications to the next level. In this session, we will look at how we at Orango have used Ext JS together with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to develop user friendly and modern applications for all platforms. We will also look at real-world examples of custom Ext JS components that are built to provide a great user experience, but also with code maintenance and refactoring in mind. After this session, you will have the tools and knowledge to spoil your enterprise users with excellent user experience.

This presentation is from SenchaCon in Las Vegas 2016.


Emil Pennlöv

November 08, 2016


  1. Refine enterprise applications by focusing on user experience Emil Pennlöv

  2. Emil Pennlöv • 13 years in web tech • 7

    years working with Sencha framwork(s) • Certified trainer for Sencha • Team leader at Orango AB 2
  3. Orango ERP specialists • Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV,

    PRMS & Bison • 110+ employees • Malmö, Stockholm, Helsingborg & Kristianstad • Select partner with Sencha • 8 Sencha developers - both internal & external projects
  4. emil.pennlov@orango.se EmilPennlov Emil Pennlöv www.meetup.com/The-Oresund-ExtJS-Meetup/ Stay in touch

  5. Agenda ERP challenges UX happy users TOOLBOX components

  6. ERP / Challenges with large scale and data heavy applications

  7. ERP? “Emil, please tell me about ERP so I can

    fall asleep” - Wife
  8. ERP The hub of an organization Purchasing Manufacturing Warehouse Management

    Sales Financial Management … CRM API Handheld applications 3rd party application …
  9. ERP A lot of data 1 000s of tables 1

    000 000s of records in each table 10 000s of transactions each day 1 000s of pages in the system
  10. ERP Complexity

  11. Hide complexity from user • image • text • live

    stock balance • customer unique price • … Order App Add to cart 120 SEK - + 8 psc 200 in stock
  12. Example Retail handheld by Orango for Panduro Hobby

  13. Example Retail handheld by Orango for Panduro Hobby

  14. UX / How to get happy users

  15. User Experience Visual design, information architecture, usability, interaction design Great

    UX creates confident and happy users UX which encourages them to use your application
  16. Banana 1 kg. More info >> 23,20 SEK/kg - +

    5 pcs
  17. Evolvement of UX ux time B2C B2B now

  18. UX from B2C How does it affect enterprise developers (like

    us)? We can get inspired by great work Our customers have an unmet modernization need – a lot of work for us We will be compared with large teams with unlimited resources + + -
  19. Real world examples of good (B2C) UX How users became

    happy • Uber - Rated driver & trusted payment • Airbnb - Rated host & trusted payment • Pokémon Go - Combining gaming & health • Bank, tax, payment, authority - Remove (snail) mail with electronic signatures
  20. Real world examples of good (B2C) UX Unhappy parking

  21. Real world examples of good (B2C) UX Happy parking with

    Parkster by Parkster 1 - choose parking area 2 - park
  22. Who is in focus?

  23. The user!

  24. The UI of an Enterprise application is often based on

    database design
  25. Real world examples of good (B2B) UX How users became

    happy • Slack - Flexible & searchable communication • Basecamp - Makes it easy to be good • Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Real web based clients • Workplace by Facebook - B2C approaching B2B
  26. Real world examples of good (B2B) UX What makes a

    consultant unhappy? Mobile time sheet by Orango
  27. UX for B2B How can we make the enterprise system

    user happy? Warehouse management Manufacturing Purchasing Financial management Sales Service Transport Management Company (with an ERP system) Customer Supplier
  28. Toolbox / Using custom components to achieve great UX

  29. Components A way to improve UX • A component may:

    - Be seen on the screen - Visualize data - Expect input - Be interacted with • Ext JS … - Provides a great set ( grid, tree, chart, form, window, d3, pivot etc.) - Components are highly customizable using configurations - Provides the means to create your own custom components
  30. A system handles a lot of data - the tricky

    part is how to visualize it and get the desired input
  31. Bison ERP

  32. Form fields ' updatedcontainer ' ' tablelookup'

  33. Form fields ' clickfield' ' linkfield' ' uploadarea'

  34. filter grid Filter

  35. filter grid Filter

  36. Filter

  37. Filter

  38. Filter

  39. Filter

  40. Filter

  41. Filter

  42. Filter

  43. Compare

  44. Compare

  45. Compare

  46. KPI • What and why - Key Performance Indicator -

    System has the data - Push - Learn and improve • Avoid seeing a KPI as … - A design element - Something that’s interesting for everyone - A dead end $1,800,000 Revenue +2%
  47. KPI

  48. KPI

  49. Summary

  50. Summary Utilize the system Hide complexity Modernize Visualize (a lot

    of) data Get the desired input Reuse & scale Attract the user Make it easy to use Show relevant information ERP challenges UX happy users TOOLBOX components
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    to this session in the mobile app • Click on “Evaluate Session” • Respondents will be entered into a drawing to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards
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