How to Break Your Apps Before I Do - Nick Arnott at 360iDev

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September 09, 2013

How to Break Your Apps Before I Do - Nick Arnott at 360iDev

Double Encore's QA expert Nick Arnott shares some QA tips for developers at #360iDev 2013

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September 09, 2013


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    Elements Launch Center Pro Screens 3 Perfect Weather Vesper Fantastical

    Justin Williams is Lazy Resolve Monday, September 9, 13
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    Security • Use TLS/SSL •No self-signed certificates •Users can still

    tamper with traffic Network Device Data •Secure sensitive user data •Users can tamper with data •Don’t leave your goodies Monday, September 9, 13
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    Finding Testers •Ask publicly •Having a screening process •Talk to

    other developers •Quality assurance, not quantity assurance Monday, September 9, 13
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    Strategic Releases •Timely releases - don’t be too noisy •Communicate

    your timeframe •Release candidate? Monday, September 9, 13
  5. 19.

    Release Notes •Known issues •Fixed issues •Major changes •Complete features

    •Incomplete features •Focus areas •Clear and concise Monday, September 9, 13
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    What Comes After Shipping Hint: QA isn’t over. •Crash reports

    •App Store reviews •Support •Retrospective •On to the next one Monday, September 9, 13
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    Final Thoughts •Having a good testing mentality •Identifying missed scenarios

    •Getting the most out of testing Monday, September 9, 13