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Read the Docs Poster

Read the Docs Poster

Poster from Pycon 2012.


June 07, 2012

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  1. Read the Docs is a central repository for documentation in

    the open source world. It leverages Sphinx to generate documentation in multiple formats, and hosts them in a highly available fashion. It also works to spread the usage of Sphinx within and outside of the Python world. In fact, the largest project hosted on Read the Docs is Thursday, June 7, 12
  2. Features •Post commit hooks •Versioning (including alerting about new versions)

    •Supports all common version control systems •Full text search •Subdomains & CNAMEs Thursday, June 7, 12
  3. RTD Workflow •Commit to Source Control •Post commit hook hits

    RTD •RTD builds correct branch/version of docs •Updates docs on the server Thursday, June 7, 12
  4. We are accepting donations to keep the site running. We

    have plans to support private hosting of documentation in the future, which will support the site monetarily as well. Donations to Read the Docs will get your name in the code & in our documentation as a sponsor of the site. Thursday, June 7, 12
  5. Stats •2 million pageviews a month •8 virtual servers •150

    GB outgoing bandwith a month •29 contributors •2024 projects •3151 users Thursday, June 7, 12